Professor Jill Atkins

Director of the Governance, Accountability & Responsible Investment Research Centre (GARI)

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Professor Jill Atkins

Professor of Accounting and Financial Management
Director of Research for BISA
Business Informatics, Systems and Accounting
By area: Corporate Governance & Accountability, Sustainability Reporting and Assurance, Integrated Reporting, Institutional Invest or Engagement and Dialogue Private Reporting Processes
By industry: Financials
By geography: UK and Europe, Middle East, Far East, Africa
517 Engine House, Henley Business School, Greenlands
01491 418781
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Jill Atkins is Professor of Accounting and Financial Management at Henley Business School, University of Reading having previously been Professor of Corporate Governance & Accountability at King's College London, University of London. Jill is Director of the Governance, Accountability & Responsible Investment Research Centre at Henley Business School. Her primary research interests within the overarching area of corporate governance include institutional investor engagement and dialogue, responsible investment, stakeholder accountability, integrated reporting, pension fund governance and sustainability issues in accounting and finance. Before moving to King's College in 2009, Jill lectured at Cardiff University and Sheffield University. She gained a PhD from the University of Manchester in 1996 in International Finance. Jill enjoys an active involvement in the evolution of corporate governance and accountability both in the academic and practitioner spheres and chairs the British Accounting Association Special Interest Group on Corporate Governance. She is also a member of the Steering Group of ACCA's Governance Risk & Performance Forum. Jill's best-selling textbook 'Corporate Governance and Accountability' is entering its 4th edition in 2013. Her main lecturing area is corporate governance, accountability and ethics.

Academic Activity

Programme Delivery

Corporate Governance and Ethics on the MSc


Working Papers (available on request):

Solomon, J.F. and Thomson, I.H. "Aesthetic Environmental Accounting and Social Activism in 19th Century Britain"

Atkins, B., Atkins, J.F., Maroun, W. and I. Thomson, "'Good' News from Nowhere: Imagining a Sustainable, Accountable World.

Solomon, J. F. and Jones, M. J., "Nature Diaries: Narrative reports of nature and wildlife"

Solomon, J.F. and Thomson, I.H., 'Fumifugium: Or the Inconvenience of the Aer and Smoake of London Dissipated': narrative external environmental reporting in 17th century London".

Published Conference and Journal Articles:

Aldosari , A., Atkins, J . (2015, March).A Study of Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure Practices in  Saudi Arabia . The British Accounting and Finance Association (BAFA) Conference 2015, Manchester, UK.

Khalid, S.M., Atkins, J. and Hennell, A.   (2014)Site-specific and geographical segmental social, environmental and ethical disclosures by the Ghanaian mining sector.    In: BAFA Annual Conference, 14 - 16 April 2014, London.

Khalid, M.S., Khalid A.A & Solomon, J.A. (2014). “A battle of elephants: (I)legitimate ethical voices?” (Forthcoming at The 18th IESE International Symposium on Ethics, Business and Society as well as under review with The Journal of Business Ethics)

Khalid, M.S & Solomon, J.A..”The Ebbing hegemony: An evolutionary perspective on the emergency of holistic governance and the efficient role of Institutional Investors in ESG”- 13-15 November 2013, United Nations Principles For Responsible Investment-UNPRI Conference

Warren, M. and Solomon, J. (2013) Whistle-blowing by external auditors: seeking legitimacy for the South African audit profession? Accounting Forum. ISSN 0155-9982 doi: 10.1016/j.accfor.2013.04.007 (In Press)

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Solomon, J. and Maroun, W., (2012)Integrated reporting: the influence of King III on social, ethical and environmental reporting. Report. ACCA, London. pp56.

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Forthcoming Journal Articles:

Maroun, W. and Solomon, J. F. (2014) “Whistle-blowing by external auditors: Seeking legitimacy for the South African Audit Profession?” forthcoming in Accounting Forum, Vol.38, No.2, pp.109-121.

Solomon, J.F., Solomon, A., Norton, S.D. and Joseph, N.L., “Private integrated reporting”, accepted by Meditari Accountancy Research.

Atkins, J. F., Edgley, C.R., Jones, M. J., “The Adoption of the Materiality Concept in Social and Environmental Reporting Assurance: A Field Study Approach”, accepted and forthcoming, British Accounting Review.

Maroun, W. and Atkins, J. F. (2014) “Section 45 of the auditing profession act: blowing the whistle for audit quality?”, available online from 14th March, British Accounting Review.

Maroun, W. and Atkins, J. F., “Whistle-blowing by external auditors in South Africa: Enclosure, efficient bodies and disciplinary power”, forthcoming in Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal.

Books and Book Chapters:

Atkins, J., Gräbsch, C. and Jones, M. J. (2014) “Biodiversity Reporting: Exploring its Anthropocentric Nature” chapter in Jones (eds.) Accounting for Biodiversity, Routledge, UK.

Atkins, J. and Thomson, I. (2014) “Accounting for Nature in 19th Century Britain: William Morris and the defence of the fairness of the Earth”, chapter in Jones (eds.) Accounting for Biodiversity, Routledge, UK.

Solomon, J. (2013)Corporate governance and accountability. 4th edition. John Wiley & Sons Inc, pp432. ISBN 9781118449103

Solomon, J. F. (2010) Corporate Governance and Accountability, John Wiley Inc., 3rd edition.

Solomon, J.F. (2009) The Transformation of Socially Responsible Investment, chapter in Contemporary Issues in International Corporate Governance, Tilde University Press, Australia.


May 2013: invited faculty/panel member, University of Oxford

19th April 2013: Invited key note speaker at the University of South Wales

2nd April 2013: Invited key note address at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

November 2012: Invited key note speaker at Schroders Investment Managers at a conference on Climate Change Governance organised by Kingston University Law School

October 2012: Invited key note speaker at University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, conference on International Corporate Governance

September 2012: invited speaker at Corporate Social Responsibility in the Workplace, Birmingham City Business School

1st March 2012: Invited Speaker at the Cambridge Union Society: Spoke in opposition to the motion, 'This House Believes Britain is no Longer a Capital for Business'.

4th-10th February 2012: Invited Faculty and speaker at Oikos PRI, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, spoke on, "Leading Scholarship in an Emerging Field".

Research collaboration and consultancy:

Projects conducted for ACCA have resulted in the following professional research monographs and reports:

Atkins, J. F. and Maroun, W. (2014) South African Institutional Investors’ Perceptions of Integrated Reporting, ACCA Research Report.

Solomon, J. F. And Maroun, W. (2012) Integrated Reporting: The Influence of King III on Social, Ethical and Environmental Reporting, ACCA Research Report, August.

Solomon, J. F. (2009) Pension Funds and Climate Change: One Year On, ACCA Discussion Paper, September.

Solomon, J. F. (2009) Pension Fund Trustees and Climate Change, ACCA Research Report No.106.

Solomon, J. F. (2009) "Directions for Corporate Governance", ACCA Research Monograph for the Corporate Governance and Risk Management Committee, 26th January.

Doctoral Supervision

Current doctoral research supervision:

  • Lucia Egbe, “Governance in public sector organisations in Nigeria” (year 2)
  • Innocent Okwuosa, “The development of integrated reporting: views of UK institutional investors” (year 2)
  • Sharif Mahmud Khalid, “Social responsibility reporting by mining companies operating in Ghana” (year 2)
  • Christoph Biehl, “An Investigation into Responsible Investment in Japan and the UK” (year 2)
  • Abdullah Adosari, ‘Social, ethical and Environmental Reporting by Saudi Listed Companies” (year 1)
  • Ismail Salem Elshahubi, “The Evolution of Corporate Governance in Libya” (year 1)
  • Ali Elfadli, “Corporate Governance in the Libyan Banking Sector” (year 1)
  • Solomon Alienetor, “The development of integrated reporting in South Africa”, (year 1)
  • Sara Abdaless “An investigation into the evolution of management accounting in UK universities”